Host Families

Host Families

We are currently seeking churches, schools, and organizations in California willing to host the Mwamba Children’s Choir.

Imagine an international mission opportunity in your own city! The chance to see God work both ways as you minister to children from Africa and they minister to people in the United States. In our widely global civilization we now have the ability to travel quickly to the hurting people of the World but not all of us have the time, resources or skill set required to make these relief trips. Hosting 15 children from Uganda is a unique way to help our hurting Brothers and Sisters as they in turn help us to become more spiritually awakened. To see the faith and joy these children have despite the loss of one or both parents is truly inspiring.

FAQs by Host Families

Do the choir kids speak English?
Yes. Uganda is an independent British Commonwealth and English is the official language. The kids have cute little British accents. In addition to English Uganda has 52 native dialects. All of the kids speak at least two languages (usually Luganda and English).

How many days will I get to have the kids in my home?
It depends on how long we’re in the area but in general, as many days as you want.

How many kids can I get?
The more the merrier, right? Any number of kids you can host would be wonderful.

Are the kids accompanied by adults?
Yes, the kids travel with adult musicians (band members). The kids always have at least one adult chaperone. The kids and adults are some of the most polite and helpful people you will ever meet.

Do they need transportation?
They normally attend school and choir practice during the weekdays. Host families usually help out with a car ride to and from school/practice.

What about meals?
Usually just breakfast and dinner since the kids are gone during the day on weekdays.