Depending on the response, we are planning for the tour to start in November 2012. If you would like to know more about the booking details and begin this journey together, please contact us by phone at: (805) 380-5873 or email:

DETAILS for booking a concert in your Church, School or Organization:

$200 commitment fee to secure your date, which takes care of traveling fees and daily upkeep of the choir while they are on tour.

Commitment to hold a “love offering” on behalf of Mwamba Children’s Choir at the end of the concert.

Displaying in the lobby or space provided profiles of children who need a committing sponsor; sponsorship sign-up forms; and general information about Mwamba children’s choir and I am Children’s Family.

Presentation of a crafts table outside the concert area where CDs, DVDs, authentic Ugandan crafts, jewelry and art will be offered for sale.

For more information about booking, Use the form below.

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