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A sack of 50 kilograms of maize and another of rice fed the Lwakatale family of 15 for a month. The father,Ponsiano Lwakatale, a pastor in Kampala, Uganda, took note of each grain.

When cholera swept the Lwakatales' neighborhood in 1998, their youngest daughter, Omega, 8, began sneaking scoopsof maize and rice to her friend whose father died from the disease. At the end of the month, the Lwakatales were short of food and the father, discovering that Omega had been sneaking it out, was angry. As he was about to punishOmega, she said, "If you beat mefor giving to the needy can you still be a pastor?"

Her words halted her father. "It was an eye-opener for him that there was so much bigger need outside our family," Omega's little question, and her father's reaction, was the beginning of something that has become special—including an organization that helps orphans and widows in their Kampala community and a children's choir that travels the world.

The choir's name is Mwamba,which means "rock" in Swahili.

Mwamba Children's Choir was started in 2008 by Stephen Sekitende to promote talent and change lives through music.

The choir sings in 8 different languages and is composed of young children ranging from 6 to 13 years. It sings mostly Christian-based songs of hope and inspiration.


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